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Auroras Voice: devotion to continuing the work of Gandhi and King. Delray Beach Community Gardens
Gandhi, King, power, freedom, Community Gardens, Delray Beach
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  • Martin Luther King Day Dinner
    Martin Luther King Day Dinner

    Celebration of Service

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  • See Peace & Pursue It
    See Peace & Pursue It

    See Peace & Pursue It: International Peace Day event

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  • Gandhi risked his life
    Gandhi risked his life

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  • Be The Peace Delray Beach
    Be The Peace Delray Beach

    Part of a global Peace Day event September 21

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Continuing the work of Gandhi & King

  • It means confronting the greatest injustice of our time and place , consumerism.
  • It means inspiring people to join a movement for true freedom.
  • It means being unaffiliated with any political party.
  • It means reforming society through peaceful means.


In sum, it means leading the transformation of society, from injustice and spiritual blindness,towards justice and light.
Please have a look at Our Programs  to see specific ways in which we are trying to continue the work of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King.

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