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Auroras Voice: devotion to continuing the work of Gandhi and King.
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Board of directors

Ken Horkavy, President
Lake Worth, FL

is a business owner with dedication to improving the world around him. He currently sits as the Communications Director for the League of Women Voters Palm Beach County, an organization that has more than doubled its membership under his guidance. He was a Vice President of Fueled By The Fallen until 2009, a non profit that honors the fallen from recent wars, actively defends their rights, and provides financial support for returning veterans. Ken’s current focus is two-fold, to improve natural food availability in under-served communities as well as shifting our dependence from fossil fuels by 2025.


John Burns, Community Activist
Lake Worth, FL 

John is an active member of the Lake Worth community working to promote and sustain a healthier environment.  After working in the commercial real estate sector for nearly 18 years and bearing witness to the short-sighted, often environmentally destructive pursuit of profit, John seeks to effectuate positive change through highly visible community service which he hopes will help inspire a new green movement.. John is recognized as a hands-on local volunteer thinking globally/acting locally through environmental remediation and ecosystem restoration.  These pursuits take the daily form of neighborhood trash cleanup, recycling, composting, native plant gardening, bicycling and water sports.  John holds a bachelor of science degree in Financial Management from Clemson University. 


 Sima Khondaker 
Boca Raton, FL 

Prior to starting her journey as a female entrepreneur and business owner in Boca Raton, FL,  Sima had already experienced a rich and very full life on the other side of the world in a small town in Bharatpur, India in West Bangal – the same city where mother Theresa built her foundation. Although she was  born into a culture where girls are often seen as a burden,  she was graciously accepted and embraced by her father, an Indian school teacher, who raised her like he would a son showing love and affection.  Her family history in India spans over 600 years with several schools and hospitals built by her family. One of her fondest memories is witnessing her parents feed the poor every week at their  family house called Dewan Khana. 

Soon upon my arrival to the U.S., Sima followed this family tradition of service toward others. She is a mentor for  kids and is a member of the Rotary Club of Boca Raton so that she may better serve the  local community.  She graciously put aside her own personal life to  care for a woman who was dying of cancer and desperately needed someone to take care of her. She quit her job and allowed this woman to have a peaceful death at home with the assistance of hospice. It was a calling to serve her needs and to lift her spirits.  Through her business, Naturally Sima Salon, she offers a  program called NOOR –offering  complimentary hair services to foster kids between 16 – 20 years of age that are applying for a job or school interview.  She is the mother of a beautiful daughter entering college in the fall at FAU. 


Matthew Delmore
Miami, FL

Matthew has been working in sales for the past five years. He’s worked across a variety of fields along the way (Fashion, Finance, IT Solutions & Sponsorship Consulting). Throughout his journey he began to realize that he had an extreme passion for connecting brands and organizations, so he could help increase  brand awareness and  overall growth of the companies.  Since inception, Alpha Sponsorship  has grown tremendously through his leadership and passion. His goal for the brand is to continuously strive to be the innovators of unique activations and to bridge the gap between sponsors and organizations.Matthew recently moved to Florida from New York with his wife and will be a first time father soon enough!   



Lillian Stajnbaher

Lillian wears many hats including a former member of the board of Auroras Voice.   She is a trademark attorney , author, and social entrepreneur. Educated at the Colorado College and Hastings College of the Law, Lillian has represented venture capitalist, the Fortune One, and multiple large cap enterprises at the negotiating table. Lillian is presently on contract with the Girl Scouts of America, and of counsel to International Law Partners.  

She feels committed to working with Auroras Voice 2.0 as she, herself, has spent decades as a social entrepreneur.   


Honoring our Founder Pablo del Real:

Pablo del Real

Pablo del Real
Delray Beach, FL

Pablo del Real is the founder of Auroras Voice. He created this non-profit to further the works and mission of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. He has since created “The Way” which provides mindfulness education.