mahatma_gandhi_smiling Auroras Voice | Season for Nonviolence 2012: April 2
Auroras Voice | Season for Nonviolence 2012: April 2
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Season for Nonviolence 2012: April 2


Season for Nonviolence 2012: April 2

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January 30 – April 4

April 2

Gandhi risked his life to promote interfaith unity
by reading the Koran at a Hindu prayer meeting


As independence for India drew near after WWII, so did partition: India would be split into 2 countries, Pakistan for Muslims and India for all others. Ahead of the split, Hindu-Muslim violence broke out. Gandhi traveled to New Delhi, scene of religious massacres, intending to hold a prayer meeting every night for 2 weeks. The first night he asked if anyone objected to the reading of some verses from theKoran. Several people raised their hands, so Gandhi called off the meeting. The same thing happened the second and third evenings. “The fourth evening nobody objected. The objectors had withdrawn.”
“How can it be a sin to chant God’s name in Arabic?” Gandhi argued. “If all members of the congregation on the first 3 nights had objected, Gandhi explained, he would have read from the Koran and been prepared to die at their hands with the name of God on his lips if they wanted to kill him. But he wished to avoid a clash on the prayer ground between those who wanted the prayers to be held and those who objected. In the end nonviolence prevailed.” (The Life of Mahatma Gandhi, Louis Fischer)


Devoted to continuing the work of Gandhi and King, Auroras Voice invites you to join us in observing the 2012 Season for Nonviolence. Every weekday from January 30 to April 4, we will endeavor to send a brief original message highlighting the words, thoughts, and deeds of Gandhi, King, or one of their peace and justice colleagues.



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